Men & Women at Large Show

Over $40,000 in Cash, Awards and Prizes… Includes travel, exposure & experience!

Men/Women at Large Calendar Model Search is for attractive young men/women residing in Canadian cities. Contestants must have above average looks, an attractive body, and photogenic qualities and know how to present themselves in a sexy and marketable manner for the judging panel and possibly a live audience. The search is designed to provide a competitive and enjoyable experience for the potential models and unparalleled local and national recognition.


the model search

A 12-month calendar will be published featuring 12 of the most handsome diverse young men and the same for the women of Canada; promoting the vast array of beauty and culture in one of the world’s leading countries.  The 12 chosen entrants will be recognized as the Men/Women at Large of the Calendar.

The Contest Committee is responsible for conducting the search and organizing the ceremonies and activities to discover Canada’s most handsome and attractive young men/women who will be forever immortalized on what is known as the one and only Men/ Women at Large Calendar.

How it Works

1) Auditions/Preliminaries

Individuals will send pictures by email

2) Photoshoot

For individuals who don’t have photos

3) Posted photos

Photos will be posted online for voting

4) Toronto shows

Live runway show in front of a live audience and a panel of judges

5) Top 12 finalist5

Top finalists will have the opportunity to go to a Caribbean destination to compete to become the overall winner. ( Next Stop Dominican Republic )

6)Reality Show

Top Finalists will shoot a reality show from beginning of rehearsals to the vacation destination  


Men's Eligibility

Find out what men need to be eligible and register today!

woMen's Eligibility

Find out what women need to be eligible and register today!

Hedonism II Calendar Shoot

A 12 month Men/Female at Large Calendar will be shot on location at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. Upon completion of the shoot, the calendar will be created and published.  The calendar will cover the months of January – January of the following year. Click below to register for your chance to be potentially part of this amazing journey! We welcome you to join other handsome, attractive and talented young men/women from around Canada, in what may surely become one of the most memorable experiences of your life.  



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